Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I need to use the parameter [General]TagStartDigit (See Q1862). I am defining a period for my Trend files as 1st. This causes a compile error. How can I use periods like this when using TagStartDigit. 

When using TagStartDigit and you need to define a period of 1st, or 1st January then simply leave a space between the ordinal and the day delimiter. That is ..

1 st
1 st January

This will force the compiler to treat it not as a Tag. Since in the end the compiler skips over spaces it will be a valid period.

NOTE: Incorrect formatting results in the following error:  "Error Message - Invalid Time Format"

Also for the event period the same thing applies, so 2nd and 1st will have to be entered as 2 nd and 1 st to allow a compile. Another issue is that when you use numbers (in Cicode or in variable tag limits) like 1E99, the project will not compile when using [general]tagstartdigit=1. The compile error is 'tag not found'. Solution for this is to use 1.0E99 instead.