Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.x

I have some questions about how animation numbers are assigned in version 5.0. This was easy to understand in earlier versions - every thing placed on a page got the next available AN. Now ANs go missing and while assigned in an ascending order, the sequence seems arbitrary. 

In version 5.xx and later, Groups now also get an AN point (as well as squares, circles, polylines, etc). Square, circles, etc get AN points because they can have runtime dynamics configured for them. Groups now also get AN points in anticipation of them also being able to have runtime dynamics configured for them (eventually).

It should also be noted that templates, genies, and symbols (library objects) have always been grouped automatically when they are saved (so that they have a single object to reference them by -- ie the 'group').

SymbolSets can be thought of simply as a group whose elements can be selectively made hidden/visible at runtime. Not only does the SymbolSet get an AN point, each member 'symbol' also gets its respective AN point(s), just as if you had pasted that symbol onto the page.