Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

How to change it If I don't want to use the Data Block One, Word One ( DB1:1) as the online testing variable? (an online test is used to test the communication between the Citect and a specified piece of hardware device during the citect startup and every 30 seconds afterwards).

You can specify a different online testing variable in Citect.ini file.

RawType=<rawtype value> default: 1
BitWidth=<bitwidth value> default: 16
UnitType=<unittype value> default: BaseNumber + 1 (65537)
UnitAddress=<unitaddress value> default: 1


BaseNumber is a fixed number and equals 65536
<rawtype value> is the SFDL supported RawType value : INT (WORD) RawType=1, BitWidth=16; BYTE RawType=8, BitWidth=8
<bitwidth value> is the BitWidth related to RawType
<unittype value> is the Data Block number plus a BaseNumber
<unitaddress value> is the offset in the data block.