Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

How to setup two or more KT cards in one computer using the CIKT driver? 

Q2094 gives a general method of configuring the KT card using CIKT driver. When two or more KT cards are required to be installed in one computer, a few additional things should be considered.

1. All KT cards should be configured in different address.

KT Board 1: Memory Address 0xD000, IRQ 0
KT Board 2: Memory Address 0xD400, IRQ 0

2. Configure a Citect Board for every KT card. The Special Opt field should be configured as -bx where x is the number of board.

Example: KT Board1: Address: 0xD000
IO Port: 0o76
Interrupt: 0
Special Opt: -b0
KT Board2: Address: 0xD400
IO Port: 0o77
Interrupt: 0
Special Opt: -b1

3. Every PLC should have its own Citect Port. You must add a new port (with just a port name, board name and port number) for each PLC that you wish to talk to. No other information is needed on this form.

4. Configure a Citect IO Device for every PLC. The Address field of the IO Device form should be xKT:0,y where x is the board number as defined in Special Opt of the Board form, and y is the PLC data highway address (octal). Note that each PLC below has its own Citect Port.

Example: PLC1: Address: 0KT:0,2
Port Name: KTPort1
PLC2: Address: 1KT:0,20
Protocol: ABTCP5
Port Name: KTPort2
PLC3: Address: 1KT:0,22
Protocol: ABTCP5
Port Name: KTPort3