Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When writing to a Kingfisher slave RTU using the KINGFISH driver, a long delay is noted before the data updates accordingly in Citect. This applies in particular to hardware configurations where there are slow communication paths between the master and slave RTUs. 

A parameter named writeWaitMode, to be used in the Citect.ini file has been added. When writing to a slave RTU via the kingfish driver there are two versions of the write commands available. Using the first method the master will not update the data until the slave confirms the update. Using the second method, the update will happen in the master immediately, so as to make transparent the long delays due to slow communication paths. The second method is more suited to SCADA systems but will only work from firmware version 1.31c onwards.

The parameter writeWaitMode is entered under the KINGFISH section of the Citect.ini file e.g.


0 = Method 1
1 = Method 2 (default)