Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx

With the setup of the CP5412 Sinec card it was found that it was not possible to configure the card to response to S5-95U and S5-115U on different protocols. The card was configured to talk to S5-95U using SINECFDL and the S5-115U using the SINEC protocol.

This configuration was causing Citect loss of communications after 30 secs. The comms were re-configured to only use one protocol (ie SINECFDL) and the project ran without losing it's communication.  

CP5412 Siemens cannot be configured to use SINEC and SINECFDL as the Siemens driver prevents proper communication to the PLC (SAPs were shutting down unexpectedly) and causes Citect to go into comm-break. This problem is due to the way we currently use the Siemens card interface.

We will be modifying the way we use these libraries when more information becomes available, but until then we have SINECFDL function blocks available for the 95U, 115U and 135U.