Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I have a primary and standby Trend server. When I start them for the first time, ie before any trend data has logged to my standby server, I receive an error message after trend initialisation on my standby server when it begins its redundancy check. The error message suggests that this is a first time startup and that I should manually copy the trend files from the primary server to my redundant server. I shutdown both servers and I copied the trend files as requested to the redundant machine. Both servers were restarted and the same problem persisted. How do I overcome this? 

After the standby Trend server performs its trend initialisation (ie creation of trend files) on startup, it then begins its redundancy check to see if its data is up to date. It looks into its own datafiles and if they have no data it assumes that this is because the redundant server is starting up for the first time and would therefore need to copy files from a standby that has been running for a while. So if you are just starting both up you could get a situation where you copy the files as directed and still get the message because neither file had any data. One solution is to ensure the trend files you copy across all contain at least several trend samples. Alternatively, since the message displayed under these conditions is not actually an error but for your information, there is no harm in disabling it via the Citect.ini parameter


The standby server will create the trend files if they do not exist and will still copy the data from the active server during its redundancy check.