Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I have two network cards in my PC, both with TCP/IP. By default Citect is sending my I/O Device communications to the wrong network. How do I specify which Network Card Citect will use when communicating with my I/O Device? 

A number of "Special Options" are available for use in the "Ports" section of the I/O Device Configuration.

The option available are:

-SPn define Server Listening port
-Ia.b.c.d defined remote IP address
-Pn define remote port
-LIa.b.c.d defined local IP address
-LPn define local port
-U define as a UDP connection
-T define as a TCP connection

Therefore to specify the actual network card to use, use the "-LIa.b.c.d" option.

eg : The "Special Option" would now read as say "-I<IP address of the PLC> -LI<IP address of the network card>" which would actually be written something like "-I1.2.3.4 -LI5.6.7.8"