Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.00

Will Citect communicate with Allen Bradley SLC 505 using Ethernet?  

Yes. Use the express wizard and select Allen Bradley SLC 500 Series Ethernet (TCP/IP). Accept all defaults.  If you are using V5.0, you must then go back to the Communications Ports Form and insert your IP address in the Special options box (This must be prefixed with -I ) eg -I203.19.130.254

Ok I have done that, but how do I set the IP address in the PLC?

You need to down load the IP address using two Rockwell programs, RSLogix 500 version and RSLinx version (version upgrades are available at ).

Procedure for down loading IP address to your PLC

  1. Connect a null modem cable to the SLC 505 RS232 port.
  2. Set up communication to the RS232 Port.
  1. Using RSLinx select Communications, Configure drivers, RS232DF1 devices, Add New, Auto Configure. 
    RSLinx should communicate with the PLC and reply Auto Configure successful.
  2. Make a note of these communications parameters you will need this info to set Channel 0.
  3. If RSLinx cannot auto-configure then remove power from the PLC and short Vbb to ground on the PCB. 
    This resets the PLC to the default values and then repeat from step 2.
  1. Set up a project based on the model number of your PLC (This uses a pre-set template)
  1. Using RSLogix 500 select File New and from the dropdown box select your SLC 505 model number.
  2. Then select Channel Configuration, Chan 0-System. Set the communication parameters to the same as was found in step 2.
  3. Select Channel Configuration, Chan 1-System and enter your IP address.
    (Make sure that Bootp Enable box is not checked otherwise the IP address will be ignored).
  1. Down load this new project to the PLC.
  1. Select File Save and save the project.
  2. Select Comms Down load and down load the saved project to the PLC.
  3. Your new channel configuration parameters and IP address have now be down loaded to the PLC.

What if I already have a project loaded in my PLC and only want to change the IP address?

  1. Using RSLogix select Comms Upload. This Uploads your PLC project.
  2. Select Channel Configuration, and repeat from step 3c.

Your PLC is now ready to communicate with Citect via TCP/IP.