Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When I upgraded my projects to v5.xx various genies on various pages had their positions moved. 

As an interim measure, CiT has created the ability for users to specify fixup offsets for each genie to counteract the movement which sometimes occurs during upgrades. On upgrading a project, a file called 'fixups.txt' will be read from the project directory. The format of the fixups.txt file is the same as that of a windows 'ini' file. The section headings specify the genie filename, and each item specifies the genie name with a value of 'xoffset,yoffset'. An example of the contents of fixups.txt is shown below.

typeA = -4,-5
typeB = -1,0

Assuming that at the moment, when pages that use faceplates.typeA are upgraded the genie is being moved to the right by 4 pixels and down by 5 pixels, these offsets will put the genie back to where it should be.