Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

The KINGFISH driver continuously interrogates the RTU Network Link Information registers maintained by the Master RTU for each outstation RTU. For each outstation RTU, there are two banks of Network Link information registers. The first bank includes the Cfails register which records the number of communication failures between the Master and the outstation RTU. A communication failure might result from a timeout caused, for example, by interference. The KINGFISH Citect.ini Maxfails parameter is used in the manner indicated by the following example.

Maxfails= 2

When the Master reports a value of the Cfails register greater than the Maxfails parameter for any outstation RTU, that outstation RTU is considered offline and registers associated with it cannot be read or written to (see also KB article Q2344).


The value of Maxfails should be set according to the communication environment and error reporting requirements. For instance, if there are very occasional interference problems which are acceptable for normal operations, then the Maxfails should probably be set relatively high. The range of the Maxfails parameter is 0 to 65535.