Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, Probably V4.xx but untested at this time

I would like to know how to get communications between Citect and RSLinx working. This would then allow me to communicate with the entire range of devices and software that RSLinx supports. 

To accomplish this use the ABEI drivers. This driver was developed originally for the Interchange software. RSLinx has backwards compatibility to allow older drivers, like Citect, to still use RSLinx as a gateway.

This will allow you to communicate with PLC5's, SLC500's, The PLC5 and SLC500 emulation software. Possibly other targets as well, however these are all that have been tested.

Please also be aware that due to the extra software layers you will be going through, the speed of data transfers will be much slower than if you use a native Citect driver. The RSLinx method is only intended for communication with target devices that you cannot communicate to directly with Citect.

There is a DOC file with more detailed information on the CiT Web site.