Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

Some registers are changing on the Master but are taking a long time to update in Citect. 

The KINGFISH driver operates by:
  1. Requesting data that has changed in Networktables (outstation RTU's). To do this it polls the comms update counter (#YLUPDCrrr, rrr is RTU number) of each active Networktable (RTU) regularly. Any Networktables (RTU's) that have changed data are polled.
  2. Polling all data in Networktables (RTU's) at multiples of the Watchtime interval, to maintain data no older than Watchtime.

Currently the update counter in the Master is not changed when data is changed locally (using ladder logic for instance) or when IO points change. In this situation, in order to obtain fast updates increment the comms update counter (#YLUPDCrrr) when IO points or other register change.