Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

If you currently have a pre Version 5.xx project and use any of the trend templates in the Include project and have defined your trend pens to be displayed then these will be lost when you upgrade to Version 5.xx. 

The trend templates in Version 5.00 are based on the new dynamic trend object. In the past the old trend object had a loophole in which you could always edit the pens even though they were on the template and not the page. The new trend objects behave consistently and cannot be changed when they are part of the template and not the page. To edit the pens the templates use genie syntax and when the template is used as a page pens are entered via the genie form.

These changes make the new trend templates incompatible for upgrade of the trend pen assignments. Everything else will upgrade OK and you can easily add your trend pens again. However if you wish to upgrade without adding the pens again then you can do the following:

  1. Open the Include trend template that you are using in the Graphics Builder
  2. Save the template in your own project with exactly the same Style, Name and Titlebar state.
  3. Now backup your project.

When you restore and do the Graphics upgrade in Version 5.00 the template in your project will override the include and your pens will remain untouched.