Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

CiNet will Connect OK on startup of both PCs but will never reconnect, or CiNet will never connect at all. 

LLC and CiNet are the same thing. CiNet is the Marketing name, LLC is the Drivers name.

The Watchtime parameter for LLC is used for more than a normal Watchtime parameter.

By default there is a 7.5 second window in which CiNet will allow a connection to be established. The default Watchtime parameter is 60 seconds for LLC. This means that every 60 seconds LLC will allow a connection to take place for a period of 7.5 seconds only. So for the next 52.5 seconds a connection will not be established.

So if you have 2 Citect's trying to use CiNet as a network, they have to be in sync otherwise they will never connect.

From preliminary testing here we have found that setting the Watchtime to a minimum of 8 seconds and a max of 13 seconds will give you a much more reliable connection. I recommend using 10 seconds as your Watchtime. To do this set


Ci Technologies recommends that you use RAS or Dial Up Networking rather than CiNet. CiNet is not a supported feature of Citect any more and will have no more development done on it. RAS is much more reliable, easier to setup, is transparent to Citect and allows complete Windows networking functionality. CiNet is still available for use at the moment when there is absolutely no other way to achieve your goal, it may be taken out of the product at any time in the future.