Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I have some Cicode that I need to run at shutdown which I am using OnEvent(25, MyFunction) to run. However, this only runs at shutdown if a network shutdown happens. How can I run my Cicode to run at shutdown, no matter how it is shutdown? 

Currently in Versions less than 5.10spkA, there is no way to always do this.

In Citect for Windows 5.10 spkA and above, there is a new event (32) which allows this to be done. There is also a parameter [CODE]Shutdown which allows you to run Cicode at shutdown without using events. There is also a parameter [CODE]ShutdownTime which controls the maximum time that both the parameter above and the shutdown event can run for. This defaults to 30 seconds and can be set in a range of 1- 120 seconds.

e.g. In your INI file the following could be set to run the Cicode function MyFunc() for a maximum of 60 seconds.