Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When I add another Citect client to a network system, my project is uncompiled. So I must compile the project before I can run the new client. Is there a way around this problem? 

It sounds like you are using the "create a NEW project" command to attach to a project on the file server. When you create a new project, it will be created in the uncompiled state, but if the project already exists in the specified directory, the files will not be overwritten. In older versions of Citect, this is how you attached to network projects on the file server.

In Version 5.xx and later you should be using the Attach command. The attach command will create a link to an existing project and the status of the project will be the same as the original project (ie COMPILED). If you use the attach command, you can add new clients without needing to recompile any projects.