Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I am using the French Canadian Regional Setting on my Win95 and NT PC's. My project contains accentuated characters on button text and tool tips, i.e. éêzëèôöòûù. When upgrading from Version 5.00 to Version 5.01 (with or without spkA) and Version 5.00 (with or without spkA) to Version 5.10, these characters get changed to other miscellaneous characters. This doesn't occur when upgrading from Version 5.01 to Version 5.10. 

In Citect Version 5.01 the default [CTEDIT]AnsiToOem setting was changed from TRUE to FALSE to support multi-language projects. Unless you are running Hebrew or Arabic Windows, this parameter should be set to zero. Hence, when upgrading a project, you may need to turn it back on or, alternatively, recreate all of your text with this parameter disabled.