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  • CitectSCADA

What is the procedure for setting the I.P. address in the GE 70-90 series PLC?

Procedure for setting the IP address.

Before you can use the Ethernet Interface with the Series 90-70 PLC, you must define the Ethernet Interface to the PLC. This is called module configuration. This is done through the Logicmaster 90-70 configuration software. The Logicmaster 90-70 configuration software allows you to specify the modules and I/O that will reside in your Series 90-70 PLC rack(s).

For the CPM 925 module CPU you need Logicmaster 90-70. Version 6.5 A demonstration version of this software is available from

NOTE: This software requires significant amounts of conventional memory, and you may need to tune your autoexec.bat and config.sys files to free up some memory. A symptom of insufficient memory is "driver not loaded message" on starting the program ( Dos free memory required 590K).

The Interface used for this later software is via the RS485 port on the CPU module, as the configuration and IP address is stored in the CPU not the Ethernet module. Also the Key switch should be "OFF", and the internal toggle switch set to "STOP".

PLC CPU PIN				Signal name	 Connected to
10							 RD A -		TX -
11							RD B +		TX +
12							SD A -		RX -
13							SD B +		RX +
6							 RTS -		 CTS -
14							RTS +		 CTS +
15							CTS -		 RTS -
8							 CTS +		 RTS +

The program must be entered through LM90DEMO.bat. (If driver not loaded error message, then you don't have enough free memory. Try setting the config.sys and autoexec.bat.)

  1. Press F2 to enter the configuration package.
  2. Press F7 then F2 to see if you can go ONLINE. If not, check your cables and connections to the port.
  3. Press F1 I/O Configuration.
  4. Select location 2 in rack 0.
  5. Press F8 Y and Enter the catalogue number i.e. IC697CMM742.
  6. Enter the IP address and Subnet Mask and Name server address.
  7. Press Esc then F9 and F2 to down load the Configuration information (make sure the key switch is off and the internal switch is set to stop).
  8. With the key switch set back to run you should now be able to PING the device and set up your Citect Project.