Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

What are the different file extensions used by Citect for the files in my project directory? 

Here is a list of the common file extensions currently used for Citect V5 and the associated file type. (Be very careful if you intend to delete or modify any of these files outside of the Citect development environment, as you may affect important project information and make your project unusable. If in doubt, contact Citect Support for more information.)

Graphics Pages -

  • .CTG basic page information (most of the page information is in database and library files).
  • .CTF fast runtime information (use Update Pages to recreate these if deleted).
  • .RDB compiled, runtime information (choose Full Compile to recreate these if deleted).

Database Files -

  • .DBF data (dBase III format).
  • .NDX index file (choose Pack to recreate these if deleted).
  • .INF index location file.

Library Files -

  • .CTM genie or super genie library.
  • .CTL symbol library.
  • .CTT template library.

Cicode Files -

  • .CI Cicode file (plain text).
  • .BPL Cicode Debugger breakpoint list.

CitectVBA Files -

  • .BAS CitectVBA file (plain text)
  • .GWL Cicode Debugger watch list
  • .BPL Cicode Debugger breakpoint list

Help Files -

  • .HLP Windows help file.
  • .FTS Help full text search file - enables searches using the Find tab.
  • .CNT Controls the appearance of the Contents tab.
  • .GID Structural information about the help. If a user deletes a .gid file, WinHelp creates a new one the next time the user opens the Help file.
  • .RTF Source file for the text contained in the help (included for the Example project only).
  • .HPJ help configuration information (included for the Example project only).

Reports -

  • .RPT report format file (plain text).
  • ._CI intermediate report compiler file for Cicode (choose Full Compile to recreate these if deleted).

Project Data -

  • .CDK disk or .DSK I/O Device data.
  • .DAT data (binary).
  • .RTF rich text format.
  • .TXT plain text.
  • .HTM Web page format (plain text).
  • .000 data history file (also .001 .002 etc...).
  • .HST index to trend data history files.

Graphics Files - (See Citect online help - "Imported Graphics: File Formats")

Other Files -

  • .PAL colour palette.
  • .CII include file (plain text).
  • .FRM form definitions.
  • .SQX compiler sequence file.
  • .CIT project specific information (project properties).
  • .XLS Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • .INI parameter file.