Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.10, 5.20

What is a Citect Driver pack, and what does it do for my Citect installation? 

A Citect Driver Pack provides revisions and enhancements to Citect drivers, including:
  • various fixes to driver problems, which are not resolved in Citect Service Packs.
  • releases of new drivers. Typically this includes drivers that become available too far in advance of the next Citect release to warrant waiting for the completely integrated driver.
  • releases of beta drivers. These are available as a separate option during the installation process.

Driver Packs will be released periodically to ensure availability of updated drivers and new or beta drivers. The naming of each Driver Pack will be similar in nature to the Citect Service Packs (e.g. "Citect v5.10 - Driver Pack A", "Citect v5.10 - Driver Pack B", etc.). There is no requirement to apply Driver Pack A and Driver Pack B before applying Driver Pack C, nor is there a requirement to install a Citect Service Pack prior to installing the Driver Pack. The Driver Pack is shipped as one self installing/extracting executable file (e.g. V510dpkc.exe for "Citect V5.10 Driver Pack C).

The installation will first backup all the files that it is about to replace. If Citect is installed in C:\CITECT, it will create a folder called C:\CITECT\DrvBack and copy the original files to this folder.

Driver Packs are available for down-load from the support page ( The associated README file details all the fixes, enhancements, etc. that the Driver Pack contains. The readme files are also published in the Citect Knowledge Base.

Removing a Driver Pack

If you decide you want to remove a pack, you will need to copy all files in the "DrvBack" directory to the "BIN" directory of your Citect installation; e.g. from C:\CITECT\DrvBack to C:\CITECT\BIN.