Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I want to connect to some KINGFISHER RTUs with Citect. What are the possibilities? 

There are currently two known ways to connect Citect with KINGFISHER RTUs:
  1. Use Citect's KINGFISH serial driver. The driver communicates with one or more KINGFISHER master RTUs. Each master RTU communicates in turn with a network of slave RTUs. The KINGFISH driver addresses memory areas in the master RTU, which represent the slave RTUs. Output commands from Citect are accepted by the master RTU and then transferred to the targeted slave RTU. This driver is available from Citect Support and will be included with Citect V5.30 as a standard driver. The driver will provide services such as:
  • poll the KINGFISH master RTU to get COS (Change of state) data from its tables.
  • receive time-tagged events (event logs) logged in the RTUs (up to 1ms resolution).
  • sending output commands.
  1. Using Citect's MODBUS driver. This driver is less efficient (does not use COS) and does not allow uploading of time-tagged events (event logs).

It is also expected the KINGFISHER PLCs will be able to use the DNP protocol in the near future, and should be able to use Citect's DNP driver.