Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I have created my own Trend Popup page which is just based on the standard one, but with a few modifications. However, at runtime, mouse clicking in the trend window will not bring up the trend cursor, as it does on all the predefined trend templates. If I use the tend cursor buttons positioned at the top my trend page then the cursor will appear as normal.

The hardware alarm error I get when mouse clicking in the trend window is:

    Cicode Invalid argument passed DspTrendInfo _TrendMouseCursor.

What is a likely cause of this problem?


This scenario can result from a corrupted or missing <Trendpage>.ctf file. Trend cursors will not display if your trend page does not have a fastruntime file (i.e. .CTF file). So if you do not have a <Trendpage>.ctf file, resave your page with the fast runtime option in the Project Editor enabled. If you already have a .ctf file then delete it and resave the page. Or, if your trend page is a Super Genie, delete your Super Genie page and re-paste another instance of the Genie controller so as to re-create your Super Genie page.