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  • CitectSCADA

Does Citect have a driver to support the IEC870-5-101 standard? 

The IEC60870-5-101 protocol (recently renamed from IEC870-5-101) is primarily used in the utilities industry for communications with RTUs and IEDs. This is a standard that is quite popular in Europe, and is similar to the DNP3.0 protocol which is generally popular in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The IEC60870-5-101 protocol is quite complex and any Citect driver will typically implement only a specific subset of this protocol. The details of what this subset will include is outlined in an "interoperability document" which allows integrators to ensure Citect and their device both offer the required funcitonality for a particular solution. When speaking with suppliers of IEC60870-5 solutions, you should request this interoperability document. Well designed implementations of the IEC870-5 standard generally ensure that interoperability is not a major concern when they correctly handle the configurable parameters required by the standard.

There are two known solutions for interfacing Citect with the IEC60870-5-101 protocol at present:

1. Dedicated Citect driver to IEC60870-5-101

A dedicated Citect driver has been developed by an integrator in Europe, and is in the early stages of testing by Ci Technologies Europe. Customers are welcome to contact the integrator to discuss using it for their installation. Please contact the following person for further details:

Dr. István Vajk,
Fax: 06-24 465-171

2. DDE driver

A DDE Server is under development, and can be used with Citect DDEDRV driver.   Please contact the following person for further details:

Steve Kinsman
SystemCORP Pty Ltd
3a/1 Sarich Way, Technology Park Bentley,
 + 61 (8) 9451 0845 
Fax: + 61 (8) 9472 5030