Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I have configured a number of event driven reports (ie triggered reports). When both the Primary and Standby Report servers are running and a report gets triggered, it runs successfully on the Primary server. If the Primary server then gets shutdown for some reason, the Standby Report server begins processing the reports as expected.

The problem is, the Standby server will run all of the triggered reports including those which have already been run by the Primary server prior to shutting down. This is a problem because my report is actually updating an Access database and I am getting duplicate entries. I nominated the "Inhibit Triggered Reports on Startup" option via the Citect Computer Setup Wizard on my Redundant server, but this only seems to work on startup and not on a Primary/Standby switchover. How can I ensure my reports only run once?


The [Report]InhibitEvent parameter which can be set via the Computer Setup Wizard does only check for triggered reports on startup. To avoid duplicate reports on a changeover you will need to write some code to check this condition. For example, you could set a status bit or flag when your report gets run. This could be done in your report itself. Then you would write a small Cicode function called at the start of your report to check if this flag is set. You could use an event to reset the flag when the report trigger goes off.

Refer also to Q2478