Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.10, Service Pack B

I have backed up a project from a PC running Citect V5.10 Service Pack B. I have done a fresh install of Citect V5.10 and Spk B on another PC and I have just restored my project (which was upgraded when I installed Spk B on my first PC). When I try to compile my project on the new PC, I get a compilation error:

Cannot load pglang.dbf in System project

What is causing this?


When you installed Spk B you would have seen a message box alerting you to the need to upgrade your projects by setting the parameter


in your citect.ini file. If you have just done a fresh install of V5.10 and Spk B then you wouldn't have any projects installed, other than the Example project which gets restored automatically when you install Citect. Be aware that in this instance, you should still force an upgrade by setting the above parameter. The reason being that a fix in Spk B required a file called pglang.dbf to be added to the System, Include and InclV2 projects which come standard with Citect. This database gets added as part of the upgrade process, hence you will be missing these necessary files until you have forced an upgrade. These files are already included in the relevant projects in Citect V5.20.