Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.10, 5.20

How can Citect communicate with ThinkNDo software? 

Citect can communicate with ThinkNDo software through the use of OPC. ThinkNDo will act as an OPC server while Citect can be configured to be the OPC client. The following shows how to configure the forms in Citect.

I/O Server Form:

Server Name: IOServer

Boards Form:

Board Name: OPC_Board
Board Type:  OPC
Address: 15 (This is the scan rate in milliseconds)
I/O Port: (N/A - leave blank)
Interrupt: (N/A - leave blank)
Special Opt: (Enter the OPC Server machine name)

Ports Form:

Port Name: OPC_Port
Board Name: OPC_Board

I/O Devices Form:

Name:    ThinkNDo
Number: 1
Address: ThinknDo.TnDOPC
Protocol: OPC
Port Name: OPC_Port

Note: With the OPC client driver from Citect, if you need to create multiple OPC groups you can do so by creating multiple I/O Devices in Citect to the same OPC Server. Each OPC I/O Device in Citect creates an OPC group.