Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.20

I would like to import tags from a Taylor Modicon PLC - the output file from their software package is in DBF format. Rather than converting it to say, CSV, is there a way I can import the DBF file directly? The list box of database types suitable for import only lists 4 types: ASCII, CSV, Mitsubishi MxChange and RSLogix, as being supported. 

Yes you can import a DBF file directly. There is already a DBF driver called ciDBFDrv.dll utilised internally by the Import Tags routine. You can also use this as the driver for accessing the external data source.

For example, to import tags from an existing Citect Variable.dbf file you could do the following: (Refer to Import Tags topic in the online Help for more details)

1. Modify the Tagdriv.ini in the BIN directory to include the new External data source and the driver information, for example:

[External data sources]
CSV = CSV Driver
Concept ver 2.1 Ascii = Concept Ver 2.1 ASCII file
MxChange = Mitsubishi MxChange
DBF = Native DBF Driver

driverid = CiTrans
datastring = my_dbf.fmt

2. Create a new format file in the BIN directory. For example, copy the existing CSV.fmt file, save it as my_dbf.fmt, and modify the [General] section in the file to reference the correct driver.

Description=This is a Citect Tag to Citect Tag map
**Modify the ImportFilterMap section of this file to suit your own DBF file format.

3. Run Import Tags routine.