Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.40 Service Pack D, 4.20, 5.xx

Citect will not establish communications with the Alfa Laval ECA50 controller. 

A new option has been added to the COMLI version 2.0 driver to allow it to support the ECA50 controller. The option is added to the Address Field of the I/O Device form as follows:

n /i


n is the device number 1 to 247

For example:

5 /i

Is the correct address for a EAC50 with its communication address set to 5

The effect of this option is to modify the way the Citect COMLI driver performs its communications initialization. Normally the Citect COMLI driver will initialize the IO device using a test read of I/O bit 0. Unfortunately the ECA50 does not support this IO bit address and as a result the driver will not communicate with the I/O Device. When the /i option is used the driver will perform its initialization with a test read of register R0 instead.

The option may be useful for any COMLI I/O device which does not support I/O bit 0.

Note: For version 3.40 only, you must load Service Pack D first. Following this, you may then load the latest service pack (Service Pack K).