Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.10, 5.20

I have a Citect Server and a number of display clients which connect via dial-up connections. On starting my Server, the startup process gets as far as "Starting report server" when an error dialog box appears:

Out of Msg Instance, Increase [LAN]Sessions

Citect will then shutdown. I have increased the [LAN]Sessions from the default value of 128 to 256 and started again, but another error message is encountered:

Out of Kernel Queues 'Tran.hCode.Report', and again Citect will shutdown.

How can I fix this?


This problem will occur if a netbios protocol is bound to a dial-up adaptor and the dial-up is not currently on-line.

This problem is currently being investigated. Meanwhile it appears that the error will not occur if:

1. the project has only a single IOServer defined.
2. any of the standby servers, or I/O server are already running
3. no standby servers are configured (ie [Client]Standby= ) in the citect.ini
4. you set [LAN]LanA to specific stack numbers rather than using -1. (eg LanA=0,2)

So the easiest way to overcome this is by setting your LanA number to specific stack numbers.

Refer to KB article Q2054 to determine your LanA settings in NT4.00