Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

How does DspInfo work when used with type 3 ? For example, if a multistate fill, used with a graphic object, is setup as follows:

Condition       Tag Name

Condition A:    Test 1 + Test 2
Condition B:    Test 2
Condition C:    Test 3

and the tags resolve as follows:

Tag Name        Tag Address

Test1               D1
Test2               D2
Test3               D1

Then when DspInfo is used with that Animation number and type 3 then:

DspInfo(hAn, 3, 0) produces Test1
DspInfo(hAn, 3, 1) produces Test2
DspInfo(hAn, 3, 2) produces nothing (a blank)

Why is the tag Test3 not seen in the output?


The function DspInfo, when used with type 3, produces a list of tags used in expressions associated with the selected animation number. However, when two tags resolve to the same address (as Test1 and Test3 do) then the function will only produce the first tag that resolves to that address.