Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.20

I was told that Citect Servers would have the ability to switch clusters in version 5.20. However I cannot see any documentation of this support. 

Yes new to version 5.20, you may switch clusters on a server. However this documentation did not make the release. See below for the details:


ClusterSetName now allows switching servers on a Citect server. This allows changing the local client on a Citect server to display information from another Citect cluster server.

If you want to switch clusters on a client which is also a server, you must set the [LAN]LocalNet=0 parameter.

The LocalNet parameter controls if Citect bypasses the network when it establishes communication between a client/server and they are on the same computer. When set to 1 (the default) and the client/server are on the same computer, Citect will establish direct communication between the client and server, bypassing the network stack. This will improve performance on a local connection. When set to 0, Citect will establish communication via the network stack even when the client/server are on the same computer. If you want to use the ClusterSetName() function on a Citect server then you must set this parameter to 0.

LocalNet parameter

Default = 1
0 = use network stack if client and server on same computer
1 = use Citect local network if client and server on same computer