Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.40, 4.20, 5.xx

When installing an error message appears

Error 102 - "Setup Requires a Different Version of Windows"

This problem can be casued for 2 reasons.

1. An installation built only for Windows 95 or NT is being run on Windows 3.x

2. The file needed to run the installation is either missing or corrupted. These are the two files which are needed.

_inst16.ex_ Windows 3.x
_inst32i.ex_ Windows 95 or Windows NT (Intel)

Sometimes if Netscape is used to download the files from the website the final underscore in the filename is either deleted or changed to an "e".


1. Download and install V3.4 not 4.2

2. Rename the file and put the underscore back onto the filename i.e.

_inst16.ex or _inst16.exe becomes _inst16.ex_
_inst32i.ex or _inst32i.exe becomes _inst32i.ex_