Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.20

What port or socket numbers are used for TCP/IP communication for the Citect Internet Display Client (IDC)? 

Citect uses the following TCP/IP ports for these services:

2073     Remote CTAPI
2074     Remote Cicode Debugger
2075     Report Server
2076     Alarm Server
2077     Trend Server
2078     I/O Server
2079     IDC Server

The Internet Display Client (IDC) also uses FTP for file transfers, which will use ports 20 and 21 as a default. You can change these ports with the [INTERNET]Port parameter. Any future Citect services will use TCP/IP ports increasing from 2080. You may configure your firewall to only allow the services you require through to your network. So if you only need remote CTAPI services, allow port 2073. If you only need the IDC, allow ports 2075 to 2079 as well as the standard FTP ports of 21 and 22.