Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx

I need to display "ºC" or Ohms as my engineering units. How do I generate the degree (or any other) symbol in Citect to use as an engineering unit? 


Solution 1
Windows has an accessory called Character Map which can be used to locate the superscript circle character (º) and its underlying symbol code. (You may need to load Character Map from your Windows CD.)

Open the Character Map tool. To view the Windows Character Map use:
    Start -> Run -> charmap.exe

Find the True Type font called 'Symbol'. Select and copy the desired symbol to the Windows clipboard. Now simply paste this into the Eng Units field of your variable tag record.

Solution 2
In the Citect Help under "Formatting Text", you will notice that you can add hexadecimal digits in the engineering units field. For example:

    where hh is a hexadecimal digit (for example, ^0x1A)

Character Map, mentioned in Solution 1 above, tells us that we can generate the degree symbol by typing the keystrokes 'Alt+0176' (this means hold down the Alt key, then type 0176). Citect uses the hexadecimal form of this. If you open up the Windows calculator in decimal scientific mode and type in 0176, then select hex, the calculator will display b0 - the hexadecimal equivalent of 0176.

In the Eng Units field of the variable tag definition, type ^0xb0 - this will give us the degree symbol - then type a capital C. The field will look like ^0xb0C and display as ºC in runtime.

Remember to add EU at then end of the format field to get it displayed at runtime. For example, ###EU would display up to three characters followed by the engineering units.

You can make multiple pastes of the symbol from the clipboard as you define your degree tags. Alternatively, use the first definition form to define new tags and you don't need to copy in the symbol each time.

You can use these methods to generate any symbol.

NOTE: Citect will only allow the first 255 characters (i.e. 0xFF) of a font's character set to be used as the Engineering Units for a Variable tag. Any characters which have a code greater than 0xFF will not be represented correctly.

For example, the Arial font has the Ohms (Ω) symbol but the character's unicode is 0x3A9 (937), which means that you will not be able to use this character as the Engineering Unit for a Variable Tag. Instead, we recommend that you use the Symbol font's representation of the Ohms symbol which has a character code 0x57. When you paste this in the Engineering Units it will actually show a W. This is because the letter W has a character code of 0x57 in the font that the Project Editor uses. To ensure that it is displayed correctly on a page in runtime, you need to make sure that the Variable Tag's format is set to display the Engineering Units (i.e. append EU to the format) and that you select the Symbol font for the text/numeric object that you paste on the page. 

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