Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

The error "Data Not Yet Valid" appears when using the DATATAKR driver. Why is this occurring? 

There are two likely causes of this error.

1) The baud rate setting is not right.

2) There are not enough variables configured in the datataker. Variables must be configured in the device via a terminal emulator or the Data Electronics DE Terminal program, prior to use with the Citect driver.

For example, if the following set of commands were sent to the device:

RX 1..10R
RX 1..10R
RX 1..10R
RX 1..10R

then there would be 40 I/O variables that could be addressed (in this case representing resistances). Therefore variables I1 to I40 could be used in a project and be expected to get a valid response. If there were not enough variables available in the device, then a "Data Not Valid" error message would occur.

Note in the above example, it would not be correct to use in a project addresses I1 to I20 and then say I30 to I50. This is because the Citect variable is an index into the array of data that is sent back from the driver (the driver requests data by sending immediate schedule request 'X' to the datataker).