Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

What is the Honeywell S9000 and can Citect communicate with it?

The S9000 CPU co-exists with an IPC620 CPU. Citect can communicate via the IPC620 CPU using Citect's HWELL protocol, which is documented in the Citect online help.

To access the S9000 CPU variables, you need to copy the required S9000 CPU's variables to a table in the IPC620 CPU and read/write from there. However, problems may occur if Citect is replacing an existing system, as communications to the S9000 CPU is via the DMCS protocol over Ethernet using the ELPM card from Honeywell. The programming software can also use the Ethernet link via the ELPM card (ie. there is no need for the serial connection to the IPC620 CPU). Citect does not have an Ethernet driver to communicate directly with the S9000 CPU.

The IPC620 also has an EIM module that allows Ethernet communications. Citect does not have a driver to this - users who wish to connect to via the EIM module should contact Ci Technologies.