Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

When I start Citect Explorer I get an ODBC error message about being unable to lock MASTER#DBF, saying that the file is in use by another person or process. Citect Explorer doesn't start. Why am I getting this error and how do I get rid of it?

This error is caused by mismatched or incompatible versions of ODBC files. This particular error is due to the latest versions of ODBC (in particular Jet 4.0) no longer supporting functionality that Citect relies on. This version of ODBC is included with recent Microsoft products such as Office 2000 Beta, SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0 sp2, MDAC 2.1 and some versions of Internet Explorer 5.

The solution to this problem is to install a matched set of ODBC components, known as Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1, as well as the supporting Borland Database Engine. These components are automatically installed by the Citect v5.21 setup program, and are also supplied via a separate installer that is able to repair Citect installations showing this problem. This installer is known as The Citect Database Drivers and can be found in the Citectv5\CitectDB directory of the Citect Version 5.21 CD.

Users who encounter this problem but do not have a Citect Version 5.21 CD can download the Citect Database Drivers from the Networking and ODBC section of the Citect Toolbox on CiT's websites.

CIT has confirmed this to be a problem in Citect for Windows versions 4.10 to 5.20. This problem has been fixed in Citect version 5.21.