Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When I start Citect V5.x Explorer, I get a message: "Do you want to upgrade your V1.xx graphics?".

My project is a V5.x project, I have done nothing in V1.x. If I click "yes", all my graphics pages are garbled after the update process.


The file called "Global.ctl" may be missing from the project directory. Copy this file from the Include project in to your own project, or copy this file from an older version of your project.

If you delete this file the following messages will appear when starting up the Citect explorer with the project selected -

"About to convert to v5.xx format. If you have not backed up you database, cancel the operation and backup now."

If you click yes, the following message appears -

"Do you wish to have your 1.xx graphics files deleted ? These files are no longer used in this version. The following files are deleted: *.sym, *an, *.bar, *.trn, *.dir, *.rat."

If you click yes, the following message appears -

"Do you wish to have your version 1.xx background files deleted ? You will need these files if you use the version 1.xx drawing editor to maintain your drawings."

The end result is that for all graphics pages, all objects are located at the sample position (100,100) and the background colour and template have disappeared and you will be left with only single objects. These messages will only appear if you start up the Citect Explorer with that project selected. If you start up with a different project selected you can run the project without any problems.