Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I am using include files (eg. @<file1.cii>) in my project and have noticed that they do not work in Genie fields that have Genie substitutions (eg. %Tag1%) in them. Why don't they work? Also, can I use include files in Super Genies for fields with Super Genie substitutions (eg. ?Digital 1?) in them? 

Include file substitutions are added by the compiler into the compiled version of the project and not during project development.

Genie substitutions actually occur in Graphics Builder when the genie is placed on the page and a substitution is entered by the user. If the substitution is in an include file, then the user will not be requested for the data and so it will never be substituted. This is why include files cannot be used in this case.

Include files do work in Super Genies as Super Genie substitutions occur at runtime. The include file information is included as part of the field when the project is compiled and then at runtime when the Super Genie is called, the substitution is made.