Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

Software protection failures and other runtime problems with Internet Display Client (IDC) can be eliminated by the following steps. 

To use IDC in Citect V5.2x we need to observe the following;

1. IDC Licence:

To run an IDC we need to have a licence programmed into our dongle, either an Internet display or Internet manager licence. The licence must be in the Dongle at the server, we cannot attach a Dongle to an IDC. The Internet licence is not the same as a Citect manager or display licence.

2. Citect.ini Parameters:

The server end needs the parameter set to make it an ftp server;


And also the passwords;


Do not make the passwords the same! The problem is that the IDC will ask for a licence, either a manager or display, based on the password that is entered on start up of the IDC. If they are set to the same on the Citect server then no licence will be granted to the IDC.

3. Versions:

Ensure that the Service Pack installed on the server is applied to the IDC.

4. IP Address:

Verify IP node addresses, for WindowsNT run IPCONFIG in the Command prompt window.  For Windows95\98 run WINIPCFG .

5. Speed of file transfers:

When IDC starts for the first time, there will be an initial loading of project files required to start. Then as a page is selected, associated files are downloaded. The [Internet]Refresh parameter when set to 1, will check the project files on start up instead of waiting for the Update Time and is no longer supported in Citect V5.30. File transfers have been inproved from Citect V5.30. The [Internet]Update Time parameter determines how often Citect checks and updates the project files.

The IDC checks for files in the Internet Cache and the file cache (RUN directory etc). If a file is missing in either location the IDC downloads the file again. The Internet Cache is controlled by Windows, normally Internet Explorer. This can result in files being downloaded more often than necessary and slowing the operation of IDC.

6. Proxy Server:

The Citect Proxy server is for I/O data only. It does not act as a Proxy for Report/Alarm/Trend Data.

7.Internet Manager:

If an Internet Manager tries to acknowledge alarms, a Hardware Alarm will be generated.

8. Protocol:

IDC uses winsock as default, [LAN]tcpip=1. Ensure you have TCP/IP set up in your network protocols.