Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx

When upgrading project from Versions 4.xx to 5.20 onwards, if the project has a genie and it has a substitution called %Page% or %An% then when it is upgraded it will have a problem.  The problem is that when you paste this genie to a page or it has been pasted previously, the name of the current page automatically gets substituted into the field and the property can not be modified.  If the %An% is used the an number will automatically get substituted into the field. 

The only way to fix this problem is to change the name to something else hence this fix is only intended to fix the problem in upgrading from Versions 3.xx 4.xx.

During the upgrade this fix will change the genies which has substitution called %page% or %an% to whatever specified in the citect.ini. Three new parameters have been added.

[CTEDIT] UpdateAnPage

[CTEDIT] SubtPageValue

[CTEDIT] SubtAnValue

To enable the changes during upgrade set [CTEDIT] UpdateAnPage = 1 and set [CTEDIT] SubtPageValue and [CTEDIT] SubtAnValue to whatever name you would like it to change.  The default name for SubtPageValue and SubtAnValue is PageSubt and AnSubt respectively.