Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.40 Service Pack K 4.20 5.xx

I want to print a trend page. The first time the print button was used a window opened to set the PLOT SETUP information. The box was ticked DO NOT DISPLAY THIS WINDOW NEXT TIME.  The system printer has been changed. Is it possible to reassign the plot setup to the new printer?

When you display the the PLOT SETUP form and check the DO NOT DISPLAY THIS WINDOW NEXT TIME option, a parameter is changed from its default value and is entered in the Citect.ini file.  You can simply edit the Citect.ini file to manually reset the parmeter so that the plot setup form displays.  You do not have to restart Citect for this to take affect.  You can then redisplay the plot setup form when you use the print button on the trend page and can select another printer and modify your print options.

The parameter in the Citect.ini file is:


    1 = do not display
    0 = display (default)

You could also write some cicode to do this in your project.  Again without having to shutdown.  You can simply call the cicode function:


Here, General is the section, DisablePlotSetupForm is the parameter and 0 (zero) is the value to allow display of the plot setup form.

You could also write a cicode function to toggle the state of this parameter:


    STRING sPlotForm;


        IF sPlotForm = "1" THEN
            sPlotForm = "0";
            sPlotForm = "1";



You would write this function in a cicode file.  You can then use either of these on a button or input property of an object on your trend page/s or template/s, or call from a keyboard command.

You could also add an on/off property to above object to indicate the state of the parameter by using the following:


Refer to the Help or manuals if you require more information on using objects, cicode and cicode functions.