Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.20

When connecting to the Nematron OpenContol OPC Server you will receive an error when the Items (Tags) are added.  Also the Server will most likely crash. 

This is a problem in the OpenControl Server.  Whenever items are added it will return an incorrect error and crash whenever a requested data type is specified, even when it matches the server type.  It will only work when it is requested to use the native data type.  To make the Citect OPC Client driver work you have to change the request to use the native data type.

This workaround can be enabled by the Citect.ini parameter...


Only use the above workaround when absolutely necessary. As explained in KB article Q2883

The above workaround is enabled in the OPC Client driver shipped with Citect for Windows 5.21.