Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

With an error free compile of a project, the project is run for the first time and the fatal memory error occurs. 

The most common cause of the error is the use of a totally inappropriate Citect.ini file.  We typically see this problem in development environments where a project has been used some time before which has needed some complexity in its Citect.ini entries.

When another project, which is differently configured, is run the citect.ini entries trigger inappropriate configuration within the runtime environment.  This will attempt to run until a memory error occurs.

To be certain of a corruption free installation: 

  1. Delete the existing citect installation.
  2. Delete the Citect.ini and Syslog.dat files in the windows root directory.
  3. Reinstall the software.
  4. Ensure that a page from the Example project can be loaded in the Graphics Builder (this confirms much of the internal operation of the Citect design environment).
  5. Close the example project.

Restore the project files and ensure appropriate entries are in the Citect.ini file.