Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

When I install Citect version 5.21 on Windows 2000 I get an ODBC return code:-1. What can I do to solve this?  

You have to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator under Control Panel and Administrative Tools.  The icon is named Data Sources (ODBC). Under User DSN you should have two Data Sources from Citect

The first one is Name: Citect Server Driver: Citect Driver. Citect has installed this Source during installation.

The second Data Source should be Name: citect_dbf Driver: Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)

If this source is missing you have to add it to the list. Do the following:

  1. Press Add..., from the list of drivers you should choose Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf) and then press Finish.
  2. In the windows ODBC dBASE Setup you should enter Citect_Dbf as Data Source Name and press OK.
  3. Exit the ODBC Data Source Administrator and start Citect. It will now run.

If you still experience problems with starting Citect it is probably because you were not logged on as administrator on your computer when you installed Citect. To solve this you should install Citect while logged on as the administrator.

Log on as the administrator and give your Citect account administrator privileges, install Citect on your Citect account and then you can remove the privileges from that account if you like.