Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

Is it possible to connect a Bosch PLC to Citect? What communication methods are available and what hardware will be required? 

Citect can connect to some of the Bosch range of PLCs using Serial communication. Your Bosch PLC must have a R200 communications module. This module provides the BUP64 protocol (the same as Citect's Siemens 3964R protocol) and can be used with Bosch CL200, CL300 and CL400 series of PLCs.

The programming port of the Bosch PLCs use the BUP19e protocol. At this point in time Citect does not have a compatible driver to interface to the BUP19e protocol.

Once the R200 communications module has been setup in the PLC the Communication form information required by Citect is almost identical to that used by the Citect's Siemens protocol. Make sure the entries you set in the Ports: 'Baud Rate', 'Data Bits', 'Stop Bits' and 'Parity' match the jumpers set on the R200 module. You must also set the DIP switch SS4on the module to ON. This sets the Transfer Completion Sequence identifier to use DLE ETB, which is required by the Siemens protocol.

Refer to the Online help for Siemens protocol for Communication form information and Data Types formats.