Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

Microsoft advises in Microsoft KB article Q238085 that Windows 2000 does not install a MAPI subsystem.  It also advises that the MAPI subsystem is not supplied on the Windows 2000 CD.  (Windows 2000 uses SMTP as its native transfer mechanism.)  This means that Cicode Mail functions will not be functional on a basic install of Windows 2000. 

Microsoft advise that an upgrade from NT4 which had the MAPI subsystem installed will carry the subsystem forward into the Windows 2000 environment. Alternately you will need to install an application that contains a MAPI subsystem.  For Windows 2000 these include Microsoft Exchange Client or Microsoft Outlook which both use MAPI as their native transport mechanism.

Note you will need to create a profile and set the password (or have Outlook running) in order to use MailLogon() function

You can check whether a MAPI subsystem is in place on your computer by looking for the following entries in the Win.ini file.


In Windows 2000 Win.ini is in the WINNT directory.

Ref: Microsoft Kb article Q141061