Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

Setting up Concept PLC programming software V2.1B2 to work with a 416NHM21200 PCMCIA 2.0 adapter under Windows NT4.0 SP4 

Uninstall any PCMCIA Cardservices software.

Install the following drivers available from Schneider:

MBX Driver (32 bit)

Virtual MBX Driver (16 bit)

Run the MBX device configuration utility in the WinConX\MXB Driver group and create a new device with the device type PCMCIA 416NHM21200/3 device number 0.

Choose a modbus address, 

        Polling Interval          20ms

        Socket Number        1 for lower PCMCIA slot

        BUS number             0, D1000 (free memory range on my machine)

Save this and close.

Check for and place this line in your system32\autoexec.nt file:

        %SystemRoot%\system\MBP16VEC 5C

Check for and place this line in your system32\config.nt file:


Check for and place this line under the [PORTS] section in your modicon.ini file in the WinNT directory:

        mbp0=5c 2 1000 1000

Shutdown the machine and insert Modbus Plus Card and you should get a blinking LED on the card.  Run Concept and you should see the card in the modbus+ connection list.

In Control Panel under the devices section there should be a WinConX MBX driver that starts automatically when a PCMCIA card is in the machine on boot up.