Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I have a Shiva Remote Access Server (LanRover) and wish to use it in conjunction with Citect's Alarm Paging software.  The Shiva RAS is basically a server which has 2 or more incorporated modems.  It allows a group of computers to access the modems without having to connect individual modems to each PC.  This is done by COM port re-direction.  You specify a COM port on which the modem is located as per usual.

The software with the Shivadevice then allows you to configure where the COM port is to be re-directed via TCP/IP or ethernet.  Once that is done you can dial out normally, except for an additional authentication dialog box that requires a Username and password.  No dialing is done before you enter the appropriate values.


To set up COM port re-direction you need to use Shiva Dial-Out Client software.  In the options tab of this software a username is entered.  This username is then referred to the remote access server's internal user list.

In setting up the Shiva LanRover you are required to create a user.  The instructions for doing this are found in the Shiva documentation.  However, when it comes to assigning a password (and consequently a confirm password) to the username you may leave it blank.  When it comes to accessing the server's port you are not prompted for either username or password.  The computer then treats the modems in the LanRover as if they were standard modems connected to the COM port.